A microbiome is the metagenome of all the microorganisms in a particular ecology: your gut, your right hand, your left hand, an insect’s digestive tract, the flour you buy at a grocery store, and just about every surface on Earth. Microbiome science has exploded recently, especially with the NIH Human Microbiome Project established in 2008. With this research, a more holistic, interdependent picture of life has been developing. In the spring term of 2019, the S-1 Lab visited Duke University’s David Lab .

Sensory Leakage

Every device is an island. And every micron of its shore is a port to a vast, multidimensional sensory sea. Here at S-1, our speculative sensory technicians have pierced the veil of these dry, silent currents to render them accessible, though hardly legible, to human souls. We have placed on campus Raspberry Pis outfitted with audiovisual sensors, unique sound generating patches, and deep learning parameters to combine the two. Right now, these electro-spiritualists are scouring the residual presence of Duke’s past as it reverberates in the voices of passersby and in the electromagnetic fluctuations of the university’s digital infrastructure.